My discount didn’t apply!

If your discount did not apply, please check the list below:

1. Only 1 discount is allowed per order, check that you are only attempting to use
2. Ensure that the code isn’t expired or input improperly.
3. Certain codes require a minimum purchase or specific product to be ordered before being accepted, if you’re not sure – contact us with FB Messenger or with this form here .

Be on the lookout on our websites for special promotions or through our emails!

We are always excited for the chance to please our customers!

Will I have to pay customs fees?

We are not responsible for any customs, duties, or import fees/taxes.

Items are shipped as gifts with a value of (5$ – 35$), there should be no taxes to pay.

However, in the event where the item is held by customs you will need to clear the customs charges.

No refund will be provided for items held at your local customs office.

Most countries allow residents to receive gifts without tax.

Buyers are responsible for any tax or charges applied by local authorities.

What currency is used on your websites?

All transactions are charged in US Dollars (USD).

Our websites are equipped with up to date currency converters to help you understand the approximate exchange rate to other currencies, you can find the converter on the top right/bottom left corner of our pages.

How can I pay?

You can pay directly on our website with any major credit card.

We use Shopify Payments powered by STRIPE to process your payments with the highest level of security.

We currently do not accept Visa Debit, PayPal or phone-call payments.